Brief And Beautiful

啊~好久沒來 po 文了,更別提來記錄一下我喜歡的歌~:P


今天來介紹一個我最近還蠻喜歡的歌手 Maria Arredondo(Wiki 介紹),是挪威人唷~

可能最近一堆亂七八糟的情緒通通擠在一起出現,特別愛欣賞這種淡淡哀傷的孤獨?! :P



Brief And Beautiful



Brief And Beautiful

Maria Arredondo


Only had a little taste
but i remember how it felt
and all the phonecalls late at night
though we tried, we couldn't make it right

When the seasons changed
everything got colder
everyone could hear, our illusion crush
it was all we had

so every minute that i've spend with you
like the winter, is bringing the blues
you and i were like the spring
brief and beautiful

when we knew we had to let it go
and our love turned in to snow
we never had a chance to begin
brief and beautiful
brief and beautiful

when flowers bloom in may
i go back to yesterday
when i woke up next to you
i would bring it all back if i could

make it good or bad
i know it is too late
so i'm movin' on
but i won't forget
all that is unsaid


it was so short
it was so sweet
like every good thing
it`s not yours to keep

oh, things fades away
and now its gone



The lyrics is really, truely beautiful.
Well, at leat it is to me. :p

Somewhere in the lyrics, it really touched my heart!

Brief and beautiful!

Maybe this is what it has to be~

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